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HS-RIM production

With our RRIM foaming facilities and tool carriers, we are able to produce fast-filling systems with a dosage weight of up to 10 kg as well, in series from 50 to 15,000 units. We use Bayflex 180, as well as 3 other polyurethane systems for this.

Complete bumpers, side panelling parts, rear aprons, mudguard widening, door skins, etc.

RIM / RRIM production

Our RIM and RRIM foam systems for small parts make it possible to implement a wide range of different parts with different areas of use. From the free-standing rear spoiler with direct integration of antennas or window cleaning systems to fibreglass-reinforced rear spoiler lips or CW spoilers - there is no limit to the options here.

Rear spoiler, roof spoiler, rear spoiler lips, CW-spoiler, etc.