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MS Industries

Development and toolmaking

Technical progress to perfection

Modern production facilities, highly qualified staff and years of experience make MS Design a competent and reliable partner. As a full service provider, we support you in every phase of the production process. From tooling, production jigs and fixtures to the finished product, we offer the highest quality from a single source.

Short lead times, a particular strength
Our comprehensive range of services enables us to carry out as many project steps as possible in-house. This means that project lead times can be minimised and communication channels kept short.

Using a comprehensive range of CAD/CAM software, complex component, tooling and equipment designs are carried out and supported in-house. Experienced design engineers follow the product from initial design studies through to the production-ready component and associated manufacturing process.
Project management
To ensure that projects are successfully delivered on time, to quality and on budget, they are fully managed by dedicated project teams. In addition to detailed schedules, the project is accompanied by a robust risk and change management process to ensure milestones are achieved with the necessary clarity of documentation.
We offer aluminium and steel tooling to suit your project, ensuring fast and cost effective implementation. Tools such as assembly, jigs, measuring devices and production frames are designed in-house to ensure fast project turnaround times at the highest level.
Measuring laboratory
We offer a range of solutions depending on your measurement requirements. With our in-house 3D coordinate measuring machine, we are able to measure complete vehicle bodies and their individual assemblies, plastic interior parts and large volume workpieces of all kinds, with a measuring range (mm) of X 6000 / Y 3000 / Z 2100. In addition, a FaroArm with 3D scanning capability enables 3D inspection, CAD-to-part comparison, alignment and reverse engineering. We use portable coordinate measuring machines for the most demanding tactile and non-contact measurements.
Tests and approval
We are committed to the highest quality standards in the automotive industry. To ensure that all products meet these high quality criteria, they are monitored by our internal control system from the very first stage of manufacture. Dimensional accuracy, material and paint testing and expert opinions are carried out continuously and during the process by our specially trained specialists in our in-house laboratory.
Ways into the future - MS Design has been at the forefront of technology for over 40 years. Our in-house research and development department anticipates the latest technological possibilities and changing customer requirements. We work with innovative material solutions such as Bayflex Lightweight and new surfaces in thermoforming.


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