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Since its foundation in 1983, the MS Group's operations have been part of a modern, family-run company. For more than 40 years, the Santer family's name has stood for innovation, quality and the pursuit of perfection.
The MS Group is an internationally operating group of companies based in Roppen, Austria. In addition to MS Design, MS Automobile and the Alpengasthof am Feuerstein belong to the owner-managed group of companies with around 240 employees.

MS Design is an award-winning supplier to the automotive industry and, in order to be just as flexible as the plastics it processes, is fully committed to the philosophy of "everything from a single source". From the vision to the design study, mould construction, precise testing procedures and finally series production, MS Design has been living this motto for over 40 years.

The MS Group is also setting new standards in the automotive trade and has long been operating the car dealership of the future at its headquarters in Roppen and in Huben. Here, interested customers can find the entire range of mobility, from normal cars to customised models.

The MS Group also owns the Alpengasthof am Feuerstein, a popular excursion and event destination in the Ötztal. In combination with the Ötztal Legend Trail, the Alpengasthof am Feuerstein is a highlight in the holiday and excursion offerings of the Ötztal.



2022 Installation of a new painting line
The investments already made and planned in the area of blanks production at MS Design also require the expansion of painting capacity for the future. This will not only increase our volume, but also make us fit for more complex paint structures in higher quantities.
2021 Punching and milling centre
In order to minimise the number of raw part variants, the necessary equipment options (PDC sensors, camera) are installed after painting. The system enables us to carry out punching and milling operations at the same time on 5 workstations and to reliably bond small components.
2020 New worker assistance guidance
Autosynchronous worker guidance will be used for the first time in new projects to reliably map the large number of variants and the progressive integration of e-components, and to simplify the assembly of large components. This ensures a new level of process reliability, quality and efficiency in series production.
2020 Renovation of MS Automobile Huben
The aim of the renovation is to give the shop a new shine, preserve its traditional values and continue to score points in the car trade. The vision was to adapt the location to the design of a racing stable, thus emphasising the affinity with automobiles even more.
2019 In-house injection moulding shop
The addition of a Krauss Maffei KM 4000/24500 MX machine to our in-house injection moulding facility means that we can now produce large components with a clamping force of up to 4000 tonnes. We produce a wide range of components, from technical attachments to high quality visible parts, using a variety of thermoplastics and to the highest quality standards.
2017 Relocation of toolmaking and model construction
In 2017, we relocated our tooling and model making to our headquarters in Roppen, which has resulted in even faster turnaround times and a more efficient production process.
2016 3D coordinate measuring machine
With the 3D coordinate measuring machine purchased in 2016, we are able to measure complete vehicle bodies and their individual assemblies, plastic interior parts and large-volume workpieces of all kinds with a measuring range of (mm) X 6000 / Y 3000 / Z 2100. Whatever the measurement task, we offer a range of solutions.
2015 Power Wash
In 2015, the paint shop was expanded to include a power wash system designed specifically for lightweight products. This ensures reliable paint adhesion throughout the production process.
2013 MS Design celebrates its 30th anniversary
The MS Group celebrates its 30th anniversary in September 2013 and is awarded the Tyrolean Coat of Arms by Governor Günther Platter.
2013 Manfred Santer
In 2013, we said a deeply sad farewell to company founder Manfred Santer, who was taken from us unexpectedly and far too soon. We have lost a man whose dynamic work was exemplary and purposeful. Guided by vision, his efforts were always directed from the reality of the present to the future. We owe him a debt of gratitude.
2012 Construction of the Ötztal Legend Trail in Huben
The Ötztal Legend Trail was created in 2012 thanks to the cultural commitment of company founder Manfred Santer. The 3km trail takes visitors on a journey of discovery full of legends. The family-friendly, one-hour walk along the up to five-metre high sculptures and illuminated stones tells the story of 14 Ötztal legends and leads directly to the Alpengasthof am Feuerstein.
2012 Opening of the MECO headquarters in Roppen
With its EH LINE, the MS Group had also made a name for itself internationally as a specialist in electromobility. In 2012, the MECO headquarters were relocated from Mauthausen to Roppen.
2009 Founding of MECO GmbH
With entrepreneurial flair, the enormous potential of modern, environmentally friendly electric mobility was recognised early on and MECO GmbH with its EH LINE brand was founded in Mauthausen in 2009.
2007 VW Group Award
The VW Group Award crowned a successful year in 2007. With this award, the Volkswagen Group honours its best suppliers for their innovative strength and entrepreneurial reliability.
2007 Construction of Alpengasthof am Feuerstein
MS Group founder Manfred Santer has not only made a name for himself in the automotive industry, he has also invested in the hospitality, tourism and cultural sectors. The Alpengasthof am Feuerstein was built in 2007. A restaurant with a unique ambience and a popular destination.
2007 Modernisation of MS Automobile Huben
The expansion of MS Automobile in Huben took place at the same time. Conversion measures modernised the existing company building.
2007 Relocation of production to Roppen
That year, production was moved from Umhausen to the Roppen plant. The foaming and thermoforming operations were also relocated.
2005 Expansion of the painting line in Roppen
Production in Roppen was further expanded with the construction of a painting line. In addition to manual painting, a robotic system for priming and painting has been installed.
2003 Ford Q1 Status
MS Design was certified with Ford Q1 Status in 2003. This award for top suppliers to Ford Motors stands for expertise, continuous improvement, long-lasting performance and maximum customer satisfaction.
2003 Start of HS-RRIM production
Production was expanded in 2003 to include a foaming system for HS-RRIM production. Our foaming systems and mould carriers enable the series production of polyurethane systems that can be filled very quickly with a dosing weight of up to 10 kg. This system is used to produce complete bumpers, side panelling parts, rear skirts, wing extensions and much more.
1999 Foundation of MS Automobile Roppen
In 1999, a car dealership was added to the new headquarters. This was the foundation of MS Automobile Roppen, the car dealership of the future.
1999 New company headquarters in Roppen
A milestone in the company's history was the construction of the new MS Design headquarters in Roppen. Not only the administration and the warehouse were located here, but also a large part of the production. State-of-the-art production facilities and a competent team ensured and still ensure the highest quality of our products.
1997 Start of thermoforming
The company's headquarters in Umhausen were once again expanded. With almost twice as many employees as 3 years previously, production of thermoformed parts began.
1996 Foundation of MS Benelux
Great success allowed expansion beyond national borders. With the establishment of MS Benelux in Kampenhout in 1996, the company expanded into Belgium.
1994 Start of polyurethane production
With the invention and production of the world's first CFC-free rigid integral rear and roof spoilers, MS Design had already made a name for itself with major car manufacturers. Eight years after its foundation, the plant in Umhausen was expanded. This was the beginning of polyurethane production. In the meantime, 45 employees were employed.
1986 Foundation of MS Design in Umhausen
The idea for MS Design was born out of a passion for car customisation. Company founder Manfred Santer took over the empty former ski factory in Umhausen and started producing GRP parts.
1983 Foundation of KFZ Santer in Huben
With the foundation of KFZ Santer in Huben in 1983, Manfred Santer laid the foundation stone for today's international MS Group. After completing his apprenticeship as a car mechanic, the company founder ventured into self-employment with two employees.


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