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Cleanliness and orderliness, centralised production control across all areas to reduce response times, combined with a comprehensive production data acquisition system and a wide range of machinery, have been the hallmarks of MS Design's small and one-off production for over 40 years.

One-stop shop
From design and tooling, to the production of blanks and their subsequent painting, to the assembly of production components and just-in-time or just-in-sequence delivery, we provide all the production steps required for a component from a single source.

Our thermoforming facility can process a wide range of materials including ABS, ABS/ASA, ABS/PMMA, ABS/TPU, PP, PP with glass fibre and LDPE. Coloured, grained and film-coated materials can also be processed quickly and cost-effectively. This process is used to produce fender extensions, sill inserts, rear diffusers, front and rear spoiler attachments and much more.
Injection moulding
In our in-house injection moulding shop, we produce large parts (bumpers, side skirts, rear panels, etc.) with a clamping force of 4000 t and shot weights of up to 8 kg from a wide range of thermoplastics. From technical attachments to high quality visible parts, we offer a wide range of components with a lower shot weight (e.g. ASÖ covers, radiator grilles, brake light covers, underbody covers, fasteners, etc.).
HS -RIM Production
HS-RIM Production, RIM/RRIM Production and Lightweight. With our foaming systems and mould carriers, we produce not only large components in series of 50 to 15,000 units, but also a wide range of small parts for various applications. We use materials such as Bayflex 180 and 3 other polyurethane systems.
Power Wash
By using a power wash system designed specifically for lightweighting, we ensure reliable paint adhesion throughout the production process.
Manual painting
3 semi-automatic painting lines. Parallel painting in different colours using interchangeable spray guns. Our state of the art painting lines are specialised in painting body panels to OEM quality with a painting capacity of up to 3,000 parts per day. All lines are built on a process-safe floor conveyor system with a central loading station and 4 preparation zones.
Robot painting
A fully automated painting line with 3 cabin systems. We process various water and solvent based paints with a drying temperature of up to 85°C. The central skid management system allows the painting of components with dimensions up to 2100-1200-1000 mm. Highly trained staff, modern equipment, an in-house test laboratory and strict quality controls ensure the best results.
The highest quality standards and customer satisfaction are always our top priority. That's why, in addition to quality assurance, our products undergo a comprehensive outgoing inspection.
From the vision to the finished product, MS Design is a one-stop shop. We also assemble assemblies and products as an original equipment manufacturer.
Dispatch and scheduling
If required, we can prepare components for just-in-time or just-in-sequence delivery. If required, we can do this in conjunction with local sequencers.
Quality assurance
We are committed to the highest quality, measured against automotive industry standards. To ensure that all products meet these quality criteria, they are monitored by our internal control system from the very first step of the process.


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